Kratom Naming Guide

Kratom Naming guide

There are many Kratom names in the market, but there are only a few types of Kratom worldwide.

Bali and Indo Kratom:

First Bali Kratom does not exist. There are no Kratom plantations in Bali. The name was invented by an American seller of Kratom who lived in Bali and sold from Bali.

Bali Kratom Kratom is the same as Indonesian Kratom, so Indo Kratom and Bali Kratom and are actually the same.

The best way to know what you are buying is to look at the region where the Kratom is harvested (Sumatra, Borneo, Riau, Malaysia, etc ....).


Thai Kratom:

In Thailand, planting trees Kratom banned since 1943. Officially there is no Kratom from Thailand. Since that the Thai trees are planted in other regions and this sort can be harvested in good quality as well.

Here again the most diverse names. Maeng Da and Pimp are the best example. Maeng Da means pimp. The name Maeng Da Kratom was invented by an American distributor of Kratom. Now the name is associated with a special kind of strong Kratom from Thailand. This type of Kratom does not exist and a good supplier and not abused it to sell but ordinary Thai Kratom but uses it to sell really good and strong Thai Kratom

Another "fairy tale" is that Thai Kratom is stronger than others. This is simply not true. Kratom  effect is determined by the alkaline content, the type and the quality of the processing. Our Kraatje 15x extract powder is many times stronger than any other extracts and just comes from Indonesia.


Red horn, White Borneo and Red malay:

Red, white or green indicates the color of the VEIN. And 99% of the Borneo has a red vein, some a have a white vein. Is it better, no it is not: it is different. The red horn for example has a different leaf (but is a Borneo Kratom).

All these Kratoms are a bit different (alkaloids) but the main difference is QUALITY.

Not that they are not good, there are just not many trees that can be harvested, so quality will vary a lot and we already seen sellers just mixing it with the major kratoms just to get a stable quality.

This is the main reason we do not sell it, we just cannot get enough stock with good quality because it is not available. Some boutique shops will probably sell it because they do not sell that much (if they claim to sell a lot of any of these strains…….then ask your selves, how ?)

We also do not sell Kratom from the Philippines or Myanmar (former Birma), climate wise these are not good Kratom Regions. And Birma does not have Mitragyna speciosa Kratom but a different far milder Mitragyna species.