Kratom Dosage

5 gram kratom in spoon

Kratom in higher dosage is highly skewed towards calming effects, regardless of which type is used.

Mild Effect: <3 grams, 5 grams of Kratom pictured with a tablespoon.

Fair / Good Effect: > 3-5, pictured with 5 grams of Kratom in a tablespoon.

Strong Effect: > 5-6 grams, pictured with 5 grams of Kratom in a tablespoon.

Higher doses and multiple doses can cause nausea in a short time (this is to compensate with mint again). The doses specified by us are approximate and may vary by person. And are intended Kratom types for sold by us. The response and sensitivity may vary by person. For one person the red and the other the white is more appropriate (around 50/50).

Take a look at our Kratom capsules, these are easy to take and the dosage is very accurate.

It is highly advisable to await the first time for the effect and not take extra because using too much kratom can make you pretty sick (stomach).

These dosages are based on use after eating. You can adjust the dosage but do not increase it not too much with stronger Kratom types.

Effect may be influenced by use of other substances (eg alcohol, etc. ..). Strong alcohol and raw cocoa (50%) enhance the effect of Kratom. The daily use of Kratom over longer periods is not recommended