Frequently asked questions:


We only sell BIKHUK kratom. We do not mix/blend BIKHUK kratom. What we recieve from BIKHUK is what you get (we do not even open the 1kg bags). You cannot get it more fresh. We get shipments every week. You can verify this by contacting BIKHUK.


Neutral, double plastic zipper bag. This goes into a tear- and water-resistant bag and is shipped in a Fedex bubble bag or box (4 layers in total).

We cannot split orders into smaller bags (you can order these from www.kraatje.eu).


FedEx only and we can not waive the signature. Track and change delivery dates from you mobile: Fedex Mobile Solutions

Shipping from different company then Herbees under a different name.

Shipping is Priority Express, 48 hours delivery. Most of the times this means NEXT day.

Shipping cost:

Some people ask us: how it is possible we have such low shipping cost to the USA ?

We (multiple company's) have a very large volume with FedEx, we have very good rates and we do not make money on shipping cost.


Credit card only (but we are looking at adding more payment options). Make sure you use a card that has a 3D SECURE CODE and that allows international payments.

We DO NOT have any payment details from customers. All payments are processed by a large payment provider (this way your transaction is always safe).