We use FedEx Priority shipping or UPS Express.

Since we ship from Europe (6-10 hours ahead in daytime) this means you normally get the order the next business day (again not guaranteed).

Shipping (United States Only) cost are:

1 kg: € 20,-

2 kg: € 25,-

3 kg: € 30,-

4 kg: € 35,-

More than 4 kg will be spilt into multiple shipments.

Redelivery service will be provided at no additional charge. A notice of attempted delivery will be left at the Recipient's address after each attempted delivery, indicating date and time of the presentation. Any Shipment which cannot be delivered after three (3) attempted deliveries will be returned to the nearest FedEx facility and an attempt made to notify the Recipient. In the case of deliveries to a private address ("Residential Deliveries"), only one re-attempt will be made after the initial attempted delivery.

If the Shipment has not been delivered after three (3) attempted deliveries (two (2) in case of a Residential Delivery) or after being held for five (5) Business Days from the date the Shipment is received and, where applicable, has cleared customs in a destination station, it will be considered undeliverable.