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Green Malay Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

This excellent and rare BIKHUK Kratom only occurs on the Malay Peninsula and comes deep from the jungle of old trees.
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Takkra Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

Based on Green Malay and Borneo, we used a different production method to create a more potent variation.
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Red Thai Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

The famous Red Thai Kratom (BIKHUK Red Thai) of ancient Thai Kratom trees. A very good Kratom appreciated by a wide audience.
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Red Borneo Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

This Kratom (Red Borneo) gets its dark color of the older, more mature leaves that are harvested. Older leaves have a higher alkaloid content resulting in a stronger flavor.
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White Vein Borneo Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

NEW White Borneo. Similar to the Red Borneo but with more boost.

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White Sumatra Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

This Kratom (White Sumatra) has a very energetic effect yet relaxed.
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Red Sumatra Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

Mellow Kratom from Sumatra (Red Sumatra) of old red Kratom trees from this region.
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Red Riau Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

A very good Kratom from the Riau region. Kratom of carefully selected plantations. Gives and extremely relaxed feeling.
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Green Riau Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

The Riau's keep the middle between Sumatra and Borneo, the region is exactly in between, so medium duration, partly up and partly relaxed effects.
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S&V Powder, 1kg (2.2 lb)

Stem and vein powders really shine when they are mixed with Kratom leaf powders.